A new life.

It was a very hectic yet fun day that we had on August 26th. Though we had lots of obstacles on the progressing before we had the camp, but the camp went really well. All I can say about the strength of the English Camp, the english camp that we had can teach us in order to manage a teamwork in organizing a camp. Teamwork increase the efficiency in working as a team. Since everyone had specialities, the collaboration allows each person to focus on what he or she does best. As while we were organizing the camp, every committees gave their very best and everything went smooth as we had a very well prepared in order to organize the camp such as transportation, foods, souvenirs and where was the camp will be held at that time. Teamwork also reduces stress. Its a common thing that we will be stressed about something that we cannot deal it individually or alone. A good teamwork which was divided the work with the committees. As we were given only ten weeks to prepare for the camp, we manage to give the best as everyone took place on their duties very well. When some of the loads off when things got too intense, it's nice to have teammates to deal with the duties. That is the importance of having a good teamwork. Another thing is, the strength of this English Language Camp was when every facilitators did their job well as they can handle the students well. The students were divided into six groups which were consists of eight to ten students in a group divided with thier animal's name. Even there were fifty-eight students that need to be handled in that camp but we managed to control them as the camp went very well. There was nothing much weaknesses that I can tell in dealing the camp. At first, the students behavior still can be controlled but after that they became a bit aggressive and hyperactive and cannot be controlled any longer. Our temper were tested but we still managed to control the anger. We talked nicely to them and use our psychology to ask them to be quiet and they listen to our order. The camp was quiet rushing on that time when we were handling it but still the camp was under control. What make the camp became not so well organized was the leadership shown by our Program Director. He was doubted by everyone at the first place and yes he did not do the duty he should so well. Also the camp was not well planned and prepared. On the day of the camp, the camp was a bit rush especially the protocol committees have to deal with the Very Important People ( V.I.P) and also every of the committee we have to catch up with them for the updates. We have to run to ask for helps and order from other committees since we cannot apply for the walkie talkie from our university. Due to lack of people in the committees, the protocol units have to take the responsibility of handling the cleanliness, health and also the safety of the students. There were two students that were sick during the camp was held. What I have learned from the camp was we have a well prepared mentally and physically before handling the camp or we might end up stressed and exhausted in dealing with the students. We also need to have a very high patience in handling with the students as we know that they don't really want to hear the order from us but we know how to deal with it, there's would be no problem of it. My suggestions for the future english camp that will be held by the Diploma In English students, they have to do a very well planned and organized camp which they have to brief to everyone and activity committees have to do simulations so that everyone know what will happen during the camp. Not exactly the same but at least we got the idea and prepared. The students are also recommended to take only under one of hundred students for thirty facilitators because it's not easy to handle many students at once. They might turn out to be under control. That was one of the activity that I have done in order to move on. Yes, I do tried to make myself busy and filled my daily routine with charity work and also camp. Avoiding from using my phone too much or else I might end up stalking her which is going to drown me down again from sadness. I can feel myself healing. Here's the picture of the camp that I had that day.