A letter to myself.

There is always time for change. Give yourself that if it’s what you need. Not just a haircut or some new shoes, but a complete rebirth. Let go of things that are bad for you, forget about toxic history, erase negativity including the people that it comes from, and start living a life that you’ll enjoy every single day. It’s hard to move on from things that are familiar but if those things are also things that you know are bad for you, don’t be afraid of change because change doesn’t have to be bad. Change can be beautiful and riveting and thrilling and free, and it can lead to opportunities you never ever dreamed of because you were always too wrapped up in your comfort zone. Escape from that place. Get out of your own head. Travel the world. Eat different food. Explore different cultures. Meet different people. Just stop waking up and expecting things to be different if you’re not willing to change them. Leave the job you hate, ditch the friend who’s only there for you for favours, stop trusting the wrong people. Start living. Please start living. Live your dreams, live your fears, live your ambitions. Just live your life; a life you’re proud to be the captain of, because that’s ultimately what you are. You are in control of your choices, what happens, what doesn’t happen, what could happen, and what will happen if you start realising it. You get to decide. You get to develop and shape yourself and erase and grow and change whenever the hell you want.