I lost the battle I created my own.

It's been three months. I still can't delete your photos. I still can't delete all your 3 a.m messages. I'm a mess and all I know is that I have to move on. But how can I move on? It's been a while but I still feel the same. From one day to another everything changed. I'm still waiting that you would text me at 4 a.m in the morning and tell me that you miss me. I'm still waiting for the day you say "I want you back". But as I realize that life can be miserable and people come and go, I start accepting that you're gone. You're gone. You're gone but I still hope that one day you will think of me and you repent your decision. I remember our last hug. After that last hug I cried the whole way back home and you didn't cared. You just don't care about me anymore and I breaks me every second I think of you. I love you, I always will :(