Strangers with memories

You’re changing. From someone that I used to love and the happiness and calmness I found whenever I’m with you but now you’re hurting me with the memories you left behind and how you present now like I’m totally a strangers to you. 

You used to be the one who makes me love, smile and even cry because of you. Remember that I told you I love your smile? I would never see that again. Remember you told me “untuk wais semua boleh :)”? Whos going to tell me that thing again if its not you. Remember how you sacrifice everything you’ve just for me? Even your times. I appreciate all that so much. 

Remember how you take care of me whenever I fall sick? Hug me when I cried? Hold my hand whenever I felt so down? Calm me whenever I get mad? Blown up my phone with texts and misscalls? Remember all the place we went for our dates? Remember how we feed each other and you gave me all the best part of your food to me? Remember I told you to stay with me in no matter what happen? Why don’t you remember how you loved me before? 

Why did you lie to me? Why did you left me unsaid? Why. 

You’re no longer the person I knew before. If its my fault you’re changing, tell me. You’re hurting me with the silence don’t you ever think of that. Please, I know who’re you more than anyone else did. I just don’t believe all this happening. If this is my bad dream, do wake me up now. Its torturing me. I miss you, I really do. 

You know what, I’ve been thinking lately. You’re going to get married one day and it wasnt with me, having kids, love them and spend time with them. Laughing and loving cherish your days. You know what, I’ll be forgotten already that time which is going to hurt me even more. I don’t even know where were you will be living that time. We will be lost contact forever. Whatever it is, the scars of your love you left for me, will be forever in my heart though we were no longer together. 

I still remember I asked you this “what if one day you forgotten me already? She sad "our memories still there”. Yes, i guess you’re right. 

Strangers with memories.