That person.

This is so unexpected. How the first met had brought us till here, and now. Sorry for doubting you on the first place. I'm not that person who will trust with all the promises because 'action speaks louder than words' but when it comes to you, every of the promises you told me can be trusted. You've changed my expectation on everything. Your effort on making me happy every single day and every single time is so priceless. Talking to you everyday is all I wanted to. How you alert on every of movement and declare me as clumsy, I would not going to doubt that because it is true. The way you stare at me is more than enough to make this face easily turns red and the heartbeat faster than normally it does. I can see how much you care about my feeling when you're the one who always flatters me even whenever the ugly me shown or the insecurities alert comes. By accepting all my flaws more than I do are enough to make me feel happy.

Now, everyday, every hour, every minutes and even second, I can't stop thinking about you. That curiousity of knowing what you're doing right at that time make me feel like texting you all the time so bad. Everytime you ask me "okay tak ni?" is enough for me to know how much you alert about me. You always put alot of effort on making me okay, secured, and even comfortable. I know how much you think about me because even to the smallest thing I didn't even notice it, you did. The way that you treat me seems differently from all the people around you is enough to make me feel special than the others. To every of our meeting, that feeling of letting you go always be the most saddest part cause I feel like we're falling apart while it is not actually because we're going to text each other back after that till we fall asleep lol. Every night, the good night wishes is a must from us before we sleep.

For me, everything you did are more than enough, seriously. Whenever the negative thought came out from my mind, I always get sad. I can't even bear to think if there any of us...die or the "forgetting" part. You've made me feel alive back. You've brought this smile and happiness to my life back. I can't afford to pay all the priceless hard work you've done. Knowing you is the best thing that make me feel like I'm the luckiest person to know you in this world. All the questions I asked you (and going to ask you even more lol) are the way I really really want to know you well so bad. All I ever wanted from you was, please don't ever lie to me, because it is going to be the most hurtful moment for me. Thinking about there's no much time for us to spend together, here, makes me feel like I want to do everything with you with all this precious time we have. There's alot of other thing to be told but not everything should be express physically. So, let me keep it in my memories only. I just want you to know that I appreciate you effort so much. Let's fullfil our promises we've made!

Lastly, I want you know that even if there's any unwanted things happened between us, know that you are always be that person who always be apart of my life now and forever, and I'm not going to throw you away from my life. Trust me! :)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Sincerely, Wais.